The purchase of a mobile home isn’t to be done on a whim. There are a number of kinds of “motor homes” on the marketplace and each one varies in size,features and price.

The best known kind of mobile home is the rv. This is referred to as a Type A mobile home. The roomiest of motor homes,the largest and for that reason the most pricey. Motor homes come in models up to 45 feet. They come with all the luxurious facilities you can even think of. Some have washer and clothes dryer,wood floors,granite counter tops,luxury leather furniture,plasma Television’s with satellite,custom-made stained glass and some even have big garden tub/showers. They range in between $85,000 previously owned and $400,000 for a new recreational vehicle. They generally get in between 5 and 8 miles per gallon. A few of the more recent bigger models get around 5 miles per gallon. These sleep approximately six individuals.

A Type B van classification includes van campers and camping trailers. The van campers generally range from 18 feet to 22 feet in length and can comfortably sleep four. Much smaller sized than the Type A motor homes they have less storage area.

Travel trailers come in sizes 16 feet to 38 feet. The range in price is from $6,000 for previously owned trailer upwards to $45,000 for a new travel trailer. You can generally get a relatively wide variety of facilities in travel trailers. The bigger the size the more you can sleep and the more likely you will be to have a private bed room area. Here are some nice lightweight travel trailers that can be easily towed: scamp campers trailers
And here are some slighly larger ones that are 5th wheels:

A lot of tourists like the idea that they can park their trailer in a trailer park and take their car visiting the countryside. It does however take lots of practice finding out how to correctly drive with a travel trailer hitched to the back of your SUV.

Talk with pals and extended family members who already own motor homes. One of the very first things to do is to decide what type of traveling you and your household are most likely to do. A travel trailer may be for you.

The best known type of motor home is the rv. Motor homes come in sizes up to 45 feet. They range in between $85,000 pre-owned and $400,000 for a new motor vehicle. A Type B motor vehicle classification includes van campers and camping trailers. Much smaller sized than the Type A motor homes they have less storage area.