Reservoirs of Antibiotic Resistance Network -- ROAR  
ROAR -- Reservoirs of Antibiotic Resistence Network

ROAR Scientific Network and Listserv

The ROAR Scientific Network provides a discussion forum to distribute and integrate information concerning antibiotic resistance in commensal and environmental bacteria via the ROAR website and the electronic listserv.
Scientific Network members include over 300 scientists representing a variety of disciplines in over 30 countries who are interested in the ecology of resistance in non-clinical, commensal clinical, and environmental bacterial populations.

Members of the Network may access the ROAR Database and join the APUA-moderated ROAR listserv.

To view listserv archives, go to A password is required. To get a password: Click the link, choose 'Login' in the upper left corner, then choose 'Send me a password'.


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